Oh Paris. I went to Paris in December of 2018 for my birthday. I was originally supposed to be going with a friend, but a few days before the trip she canceled on me. The trip was sooo close and I was in a sticky situation, I didn’t know if I could travel by myself. So in my head I decided to cancel, then I woke up the next morning and was like you know what… I’m going IDC if I have to go alone. After I made the decision to go alone, I told all my family and they were not happy about it, all they told me was the negative things that could happen. I didn’t listen to any of the negative things people were telling me, if I did I would have changed my mind again and not have went.

So the day came and I boarded the first plane to start my journey to Paris. Once I finally got to Paris it was around 10am and the city was awake! After checking into my hotel the first thing I did was freshen up because after flying literally all night I looked like a train wreck! Next thing on my agenda was going to find something to eat, at this point I was going to the first restaurant that I could find, which happened to be a pizza place. I sat down and ordered my food. Once my pizza came I dug in because I was starving, but as I start looking around I realized that I was eating the pizza wrong. Everyone around me was eating their pizza with a fork and knife, but it was too late for me to join in (: Feeling full, I left the restaurant and went to explore some more of Paris.

I met up with a girl there who I met on GirlsLoveTravel which is a FB page. has already been there for a couple of days so she was willing to show me around my first day. The first place we went to was a little market, we wanted to get cheese and wine so we could sit, eat and drink under the Eiffel Tower. And that is exactly what we went to do, it was dark outside by this time so the light show was going on at the Eiffel, it was absolutely beautiful. It was cold, but that didn’t matter, the city was still going and so were we. After seeing the tower we went over to the Seine river, just to take a look at it. When I was in Paris the yellow jackets had just started their protesting so a lot of things were off limits. Later on in the night we walked back to hotel and we parted ways!

My next few days in Paris were spent all by myself! Every morning I would wake up and go to the little cafe across the street from my hotel and go to the crape shop that was literally right across the street. That was a horrible thing because they had the best sweets!

I made plans to go wine tasting, it was a little awkward walking into the place and seeing everyone in couple and then there was me. It turned out to be okay though, there was a lot of people there wine tasting. We walked down into the wine cellar and that is where we began the tasting. It lasted for about 2 hours and with the wine they gave us bread and meat and different types of cheeses. It was my first and last time eating goat cheese haha. Once I was done there I had to go out and find how to get a taxi back to my hotel. To get a taxi in Paris all you have to do is find one with a green light ( i think its green ) that means it is unoccupied, then you just kind of reach your arm out pointing towards them and they pull over and pick you up. It was crazy… I was not used to getting a taxi like that LOL. I had them drop me off at my hotel and then I walked down to the Eiffel to be able to see it in the daylight. The tower is beautiful at any time of the day!

My next day was spend at the Eiffel tower in the morning and then Galeries Lafayette for the late afternoon. There I took at macaroon baking class, and let me tell you all, homemade fresh macaroons are AMAZING! After making the macaroons, I took a few strolls around Galaries Lafayette. If you are not familiar with that place, it has a lot of high end shopping and it is where the hanging Christmas Tree is, which is stunning. As it was starting to get dark, I was ready to take a taxi back to my hotel, get some dinner and call it a night as I was leaving the next day.

I really didn’t spend to much time in Paris, I was only there for 3 full days. Those 3 days were honestly enough for me, I was ready to go home. To be honest, I know some will be mad at me for saying this, but I did not like Paris. It was not my type of place to be… I am more of a Caribbean girl! But hey at least I got to