It’s ME !

Hello all ! As I am just starting my travels I wanted to start this blog so I can take you all on the journey with me. I started traveling in 2017 and my first trip was to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. After leaving that trip I knew that traveling was going to become my new hobby. Since then I have been to Mexico and Paris in 2018 and this year I have been to Colombia and will be in Mexico, Puerto Rico and Spain. My major in school is Spanish which is why I am traveling to a lot of Spanish speaking countries. My goal is to travel to all the Spanish speaking countries and then make my way to Europe and Asia! In the end I want to end up living in Mexico (: Thank you for reading, I hope you all enjoy the posts!

Published by: klamereaux

Heyyy !! Im Keisha a 25 year old female who loves to travel the world. I've been to the Dominican Republic, France and Mexico! I feel in love with Mexico while I was there and plan to move there in February! I want everyone to be able to look at my pictures and videos and get inspiration for their trips (:

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